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Our history is rich as our land.

JSC "ALFA-NISTRU" is operating for about 50 years now and during this activity we have achieved some great results. From a small juice shop , we became a large-scale, 1800 hectares Industrial Union Cannery and Farmers Service Center.

JSC "ALFA-NISTRU" is included in the list of the largest producers of canned fruits, vegetables and juices in the Republic of Moldova. Its production areas are located in the north of the country – Soroca district.

This is VIS!

The cannery brings to market about 40 units of vegetables, fruits and berries production "VIS" :

- Rich in vitamins compotes and jams

- Canned corn and green peas

- Juicy pickled vegetables

- Juice in “Tetra-Pack”,made from natural fruits, berries and tomatoes and apple juice concentrate;

- Nectar-and mashed fruit, berries and vegetables;

- Vegetables, berries and frozen fruit;

The company also sells fresh fruit, vegetables and berries.

VIS - in the middle of the daily feast!

Our policy
We produce canned products of exceptional quality from a well-grown and genetically unchanged plants . Our products meet international standards, the consumers tastes and demands and yet we offer reasonable prices for the products "VIS".
Unconditional quality is also confirmed by regional and international exhibition awards.

We choose the domestic product!

Our advantages

It's a pleasure to eat VIS!

Unlike overseas goods, ours, are close to the favourite childhoods taste we are so used to.

Factors that make the quality of “VIS” products:

-high quality raw materials, most of them grown on our own lands

-pure natural water used in manufacturing processes;

-advanced production technology;

-strict control of the production process;

-effective control of finished products in our own laboratories;

-easy to use and friendly packaging;

Customer Care

Our company is constantly learning the needs and preferences of our customers, so we periodically update the assortment of products, increase the production, improve the technology and change the packaging.

Our products are recommended for both children and adults, in order to maintain a healthy life, These products will enhance your health and keep you young !

We stand for a healthy society!


We are interested in the maintenance, improvement and creation of strong relationships with partners and customers in the key areas of:

-canned fruits and juices;

-fresh fruits, vegetables and berries;

-semi-finished fruit and vegetables (concentrates, puree, paste).

JSC "ALFA-NISTRU": we have the same traditions as you do!

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