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We encourage you to start eating healthy food today. Our products have all the best and useful properties. Our canned fruits are made from selective, fragrant and delicious Moldovan fruits. To keep the genuine taste of our nutritious fruits, we monitor all the norms taken on cultivation, production and storage of  the product. We bring the flavor and taste of your favorite fruit so you can enjoy them even during the winter time!

VIS has always a place on your table too!

Apricot compote
Features: For the production of compote, we use only solid and mature fruit. This drink is refreshing and pleasant and is indicated for stomach diseases, as well as metabolic disorders. It normalizes the stomach activity and improves the liver function. Rich in Vitamins, apricot compote is children's and adults favourite drink!
Cherry compote
Features: For the production of cherry compote, the cherries are carefully selected, plucked, washed by our specialists. Since it has not only useful, but also healing properties, the drink is recommended for anemia, so is one of the best among all the varieties of fruit compotes. Cherry fruit is also endowed with magnesium and iron, that's why it quenches thirst and improves your appetite.
Sweet cherry compote
Features: Tasty cherry compote has some tonic and astringent properties, so it improves digestion and is very useful for rheumatic diseases too. The fragrant and sweet cherries contain large amounts of fructose, as well as vitamins C, B, Collbató, magnesium, high rate of nutrients and iron your body needs at any time of the year. Drink useful compote and forget about the bad mood days!
Apricot jam
Features: Apricot jam is a wonderful and tasty vitamin product. Because is really hard to find fresh and raw apricots during the winter time, this is a very valuable product of ours. This kind of jams are often used in the preparation of various pies, cakes, rolls and other desserts.
Strawberry jam
Features: Rich strawberry jam is a great addition to confectionery products, ice cream, chocolate, baked goods and even some reluctant drugs for kids. Jam is nutritious and prevents easily some human body diseases. It also removes unwanted fluid from the body and slows down the aging process.
Raspberry jam
Features: Raspberry jam is a product every home must have on its kitchen shelve. This jam has an antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties, contains vitamins a weakened body needs, it preserves youth and increases the tone!
Plum jam
Features: Plum jam has become peoples favourite product in many countries. A high quality jam contains the following groups of vitamins : A, E, C, B, PP, as well as potassium , beta -carotene , phosphorus , choline and sodium. There is nothing better than a home made healthy, nutritious plum jam.
Blackcurrant jam
Features: Blackcurrant jam has a bittersweet taste and can be eaten alone, with ice cream, or used in bakery or other deserts. Blackcurrant is a good source of antioxidants, beneficial for digestion, lowers high blood presure, and also improves the immune system as it has a tonifying effect.
Plum compote
Features: This enjoyable mix of plum is a perfect complement for any meal. You can serve it in the morning, for lunch or please your family or guests with a nice dessert in the evening. The juicy plum contains vitamins as B, C, A, P, K, and a set of essential trace elements.
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