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Sweet cherry compote

Title: Cherry Compote

GOST 816-91

Ingredients: cherry-50% sugar syrup - 50%

Per 100g of product:

Energy value: 65 kcal

Nutritional value: carbohydrates - 17.0 g, vitamins, mg: RR - 0.3, C - 3.0

Shelf life: 1.5 years

Packaging: a / b "Twist-off" 720, 670

Features: Tasty cherry compote has some tonic and astringent properties, so it improves digestion and is very useful for rheumatic diseases too. The fragrant and sweet cherries contain large amounts of fructose, as well as vitamins C, B, Collbató, magnesium, high rate of nutrients and iron your body needs at any time of the year.  Drink useful compote and forget about the bad mood days!

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