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We are glad you decided to become our partner and we want to give you some helpful information.

1. Products "VIS" are certified in the Republic of Moldova and for export to the CIS countries and the EU standards. We have the necessary certificates to export to the CIS countries.

2. We ship the ordered goods by railway or road.

* The goods are sent in covered wagons , and wagons ARVs type. The heating system operates during winter time.
* The customer has a legal and full force effect papers on the products he issues.
* Terms of delivery are in accordance with the terms INCONTERMS 2010.

3. We load the products and send them to the specified address within 3 days after receiving the founds in our accounts and after agreeing the value and the volume of the product.

4. For separate consignment we execute the following papers:

- Certificate of Quality;
- Certificate of Origin;
- Certificate of Compliance Protocol and sample tests;
- Phytosanitary certificate;
- Invoice (invoice);
* All the customs records are made by the Moldavian vendor in Moldova;

For the cooperation on other issues, please contact the phone numbers listed on this website.

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