Our history, like our lands, is rich!

"Alfa-Nistru" has been operating for 50 years and throughout its existence we have achieved remarkable results - from a small juice production unit we have become a considerable Production Association, which includes the cannery and the Farmers' Service Center with 1800 hectares of own and leased land, well maintained and fertile.

“Alfa-Nistru” is one of the largest producers of canned and fruit and vegetable juices in the Republic of Moldova. The production plant is located in the north of the country - in Soroca.

This is VIS!

The factory supplies to the market more than 40 types of preserved products "VIS" from vegetables, fruits and berries:

  • Vitamin-rich jams, jams and compotes;
  • Canned corn and green peas;
  • Marinated vegetables, amazingly tasty;
  • Natural fruit, berry and tomato juices in “Tetra-Pak” packaging and concentrated apple juice;
  • Fruit, berry and vegetable nectars and purees;
  • Quickly frozen vegetables, berries and fruits;

The company also sells fresh fruits, vegetables and berries.

VIS - in the center of the holiday table every day!

We produce food preserved exclusively of the highest quality from plants grown by traditional methods, without genetic modification. Our goods meet international standards, consumer requirements and tastes, at the same time, "VIS" products being available at affordable prices for all.

The indisputable quality of our products is also confirmed by distinctions and awards, awarded to our company at regional and international exhibitions.

Beware of the consumer

Beware of the consumer

Our company constantly analyzes the preferences and needs of consumers and accordingly they tend to regularly update the product range, increase the production volume, optimize the technologies used in the processing and packaging of products.

Our products are recommended for both children and adults who prefer a healthy lifestyle! Natural products will increase your health and prolong your youth!

Products and technologies

“Alfa-Nistr” manufactures ecologically pure food products of the highest quality, in accordance with international standards and consumer requirements. In order to obtain a quality product, in the production process we use not only the resulting methods and technologies, new ideas of our specialists with extensive experience in the field, but also the equipment from the top manufacturers from abroad.

Recently, the company's equipment has been replaced with more modern ones, which include high-efficiency processing lines, with a processing capacity of up to 100,000 tons of raw material per year. In this way, in order to obtain a product of the highest quality, we currently use the following machines:

  • Swedish press for the production of concentrated juice "Bucher";
  • Swiss plant for the production of apple juice concentrate "Unipektin";
  • Swedish lines for the production of "Tetra-Pak" juices;
  • Italian use for the application of "Twist-off" type covers;
  • Italian jam production lines;
  • state-of-the-art German car washers;
  • German green pea production lines;
  • American canned corn production lines;

and at the same time, we invest in our products the love for true taste!

We only use machines that allow the taste and nutritional quality of the products to remain unchanged, because we want you to be able to eat healthy and nutrient-rich foods all year round!

In total, the company employs more than 500 people. Every year, the company invests tens of millions of lei in the development of the production process. This fact allows to increase the production volume and to expand the assortments. The quality of our products is appreciated by consumers in the CIS, the European Union and the USA.

Following the execution of the international audit, the company "Alfa-Nistru" was certified in accordance with the international standards of the food safety management system ISO 22000: 2005.

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